Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Know some tips about Vastu

Vastu is the more authorities and equivalent of feng shui. Vastu shastra is about attracting positive energy and bring happiness and money in home. Vastu means a dwelling which is home to humans. Have you ever felt some kind of positive vibes when you enter a friends and someone else house. If yes then that may be attributed to the right amounts of energies that come from our atmosphere. Right balance of these energy in the house is believed to bless a home with prosperity, success and well being, Black magic solutions Vastu shastra is essential for our happy life and  you have to aware about your home.
Every house has one or other Vastu defect and many residents are unaware about the Vastu shastra and don’t really understand the reason behind delay poor health of people living in that house. Some house accedes to illness due to constructed in wrong direction and many other Vastu dosh which can only be treatment with effective measure. If you are facing any kind of problem related to your home and family then you should consult with Vastu shastra specialist and change something’s as you suggest India,s best astrologer Vastu shastra specialist.

Vastu principal to keep your health in good condition

Always sleep south or east towards with head
Face east or north while eating.
A kitchen should locate in south-east etc.

Further details you should consult with astrologer regarding Vastu shastra.  

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